Sunday, June 11, 2006

Revising assignments

I just finished teaching English 120 in the summer, and was generally happy with how things went but I keep wanting to get a Photoshop visual commentary assignment worked in, and I need to give the "taking the lead" collaborative assignment a bit more of an edge.

For the former, i think I can probably focus on WLM more, and develop a visual commentary that might function more like a poster or an ad, although it has to be informative and have a substantial textual component (I'm guessing). Cindy Selfe's chapter in Writing New Media has some good ideas: a visual essay (or commentary) that would focus on a single issue like "White Privilege: Use it or Lose it" (a satire), or an ad for a diversity class (what would it take to make the class look interesting?), or maybe just a white face / black face side by side, with biographical information. I could imagine one of myself that might say something like 90% of professors are white on my white side and something like 2% of professors are African American (I would need to look this stat up). I could find additional stats. I could even try to layer in pictures from various points of my life, with tags like "Teacher's Pet" and "First one blamed" or something more subtle than that. How about this one: never learned to code switch -- code switching since 7.

For "taking the lead" I think I want to switch to "what's your issue" and include a video component--an ad that could run on television or the web; it could be produced in PPT or a video editing program. Future Tense reported on something like this--need to look that up.