Sunday, April 26, 2009

Griffin, North Dakota

I heard about this guy who is trying to photograph "every dot" on the North Dakota map. He has also done quite a few photos in Manitoba, Minnesota, and elsewhere.

Scrolling through his list, I discovered Griffin (my son's name) North Dakota. Good example of "a dot."

If you go to Google Maps, you can search for Griffin; you won't be able to find it just by browsing the map. I'm not even 1000% convinced that Google is right, because I am not sure the tracks run where Google places Griffin. Guess we will have to check that out for ourselves this summer.

I'm frequently amazed at the creativity and passion (obsession?) with which many people live their lives. I think teachers like me are always trying to capture and bottle this kind of energy and bring it into our classrooms. Sometimes that works, most times the message gets messed up by the medium.