Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Peace at a Time

Went to a screening of One Peace at a Time last night; great "database" of innovative solutions currently being implemented to address problems like lack of clean water, lack of opportunity, lack of education, absence of peace in the world. Watch for it in a theater near you.

One of the most interesting programs I learned about from One Peace was that any of us can contribute to. The repayment of loans is almost 100% guaranteed. I just lent $25 to a woman living in Juba, southern Sudan -- one of the most expensive cities in the world -- so she can start a charcoal selling business. She only needs $50 more, but Kiva was only accepting $25 donations, so two more donors would be appreciated. Once the loan is repaid, I can either re-invest or get my money back. Please consider visiting Kiva and look for Omjime Bulen.

One of the projects featured in the film has an NDSU connection. Architecture student Greg Elsner is the Architecture for Humanity Design Fellow on the Mahiga High Rainwater Court project in Kenya. Tremendously innovative vision for building a rainwater collection roof that more than doubles as classroom space, community hall, basketball court, performance center, etc..

The One Campaign was in town for this event as well; they are looking to build membership in ND and MN (everywhere, of course) and they will be partnering with One Peace at a Time to promote the film to One members when it shows in their area. Become a One Member (no donations required or expected) and keep up to date on events in your area.