Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the ball is still rolling

I am staying on track with 10 minutes a day, although about half my "posts" are simply going to my hard drive. Don't know if splitting posts between two locations will have a negative effect on this experiment--depends on whether or not notes like these are just fuel for the fire of writing, or if they are actual recoverable resources I need to and want to come back to.

Took care of my note-taking today: got Kinneavy and Ross up to date. Started to thread some of those notes into my outline for chapter one, although that material and that set of notes still feels hard to work with. I read Bacon's The Great Instauration from an online source, but I suspect I just got the intro and not the full effect. I will definitely need to take another look at Ulmer's use of "instauration" to see what the heck he was excited about. More generally, I would like to see if I can get the Bacon node into shape within a single week; see how long these kinds of historical nodes will take me to write. When I re-read the Laws of Media, I can could trace the argument the McLuhans are making, although very little of it is tied to actual Bacon texts. Eric says his father consulted Bacon frequently, that Bacon, Vico, Joyce, Eliot and others represent the great "grammatical / rhetorical tradition" of poetic wisdom, of observation without theoretical encumberance, of multi-leveled exegis. Bacon specifically rejected Ramus and scholasticism, the syllogism, returning him to observation and intuition. Vico tried to repare the split between logic and rhetoric, but, according to the McLuhans in Laws of Media, did not see the split between primary nature and secondary nature, the later being the world made and remade by the extensions of humans. I will try to figure out what needs to be said on Bacon this week, Vico next--although my goals may be a little much.

Other things: Ross C for Josh H's committee?
Keep at PharmWriting (good progress today). Contact students.
Probably should look at some vertical curriculum materials.
Report on assessment by June 30, probably the deadline.


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