Friday, July 13, 2007

Back online

Took two weeks to re-visit the roots, rural Manitoba, and had a great time. I'm guessing not too many people have ever visited rural Manitoba, there being no real tourist destinations in towns like Virden, where I grew up, or Carberry, where my extended family grew up and still lives, but these places are quite beautiful in subtle, prairie ways, and, as McLuhan predicted, these people are pretty plugged into the global village. There were some throw back elements--not many wireless access points--but also cutting edge elements--my cousin monitors much of his farming operation over the Internet. I won $40 at Men's night in Carberry--a bit of a 50s masculine throw-back kinda event in which my skinny bookish masculinty seemed a bit out of place--but my high school reunion was hosted by one of my openly gay classmates. My vegetarianism was challenged to the max--I must have eaten about 4lbs of French Fries in Carberry, the potato capital of Manitoba--but my cousin's husband managed to track down some sort of faux chicken burger at the local grocery store.

I'm back in the midst of administrative work, which tends not to lead to much blogging, but I'd like to try to carve out a bit more research time this summer.


Sybil said...

I have been to rural parts of Saskatchewan (Esteban), so I've been "up that way."

Your new book for the TA class seems interesting. I never could wrap my head around book reviews either, but there are discussions out there that comp/rhetoric kids need to know about. Is TA strategies still considered a comp elective for lit majors up there? Tragic.

Anyhoo - back to revising the online World Lit class. Slowly, I am figuring out how to teach that class without turning completely into Steve Ward (not that that would be bad). It's got my own twist on it, I think. The "hey, I am really a comp person" twist.

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