Friday, June 19, 2009

fanfiction and the culture of speed

Yukiko Nishimura presenting on Japanese phone novels; showed a video of a novel being read and written. Providing good description; reporting on criticism of amateurism; Nishimura is a linguist, so she is more interested in language complexity. Shows that Keita novels linguistically look a lot like traditional print novels. Grade readability, 6-8; sample novels grades 5-9. Famous Japanese novelist wrote a Keitai that came in with 5th grade readability. Conclusions--went by quickly, but generally positive results. Same issues as most online forms of communication.

Betsy Birmingham is presenting on "Bring Smexy Back." Great title! Clearly outlining study and getting laughs at the same time--amazing! Fast cuts, mixed media (not just video but fan art and other things). Calls for mix method: ethnographic, case studies, quantitative. Illustrates strong gender differences: technically and in content, response rates and nature of response to one another, community building, etc.. Final question: why are girls so interested in boys boinking? I'll let her answer that. : )

Lynn Lewis, "Literacy in the age of speed:" Great contextualization of culture of speed; calls for greater awareness of literacy within the age of speed. Makes sense! Analysis of AP exam, the ways in which the clock own the text, determines the writing. [Much like "programs" shape student writing, a test like the AP exam calls forth the writing."] Students have come to understand that writing should be efficient, timely; calls this writing for the logic of the market. Follows up with another example of writing for the network, which subordinates clock time--good point. Going back to Yukiko, however, this speed writing for the network is used as a "between" space. Filling time with writing; interesting.


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