Friday, May 21, 2010

Designing our Virtual, Networked, Web 3.0 Lives

Vicki Callahan, "Asynchronous Real-Time: The Temporality of Networked Aesthetics."
Collaborative, distributed, authorship; historical art examples (Dante Hotel), no explicit narrative except what the visitors bring with them. Hershman (artist) took on second identity simultaneously. Citing Bourrioud (? Post production aesethtic) and Elizabeth Grosz "Thinking the New." Remixed one more time, Life [squared]: The Dante Hotel in Second Life. Gallery space about 1970s art work, but Dante Hotel also reproduced.

Sp-ark: Sally Potter Archive: distributed, open archive. You can leave a research trail and engage with other scholars.

Thinking the new: creativity, taking in alternative times and realities. Open-endedness of the future. Acknowledge unpredictability, chance, the time of the open. Not unrelated to clock time, but also a shattering of timing. A new perspective, resists logic of identity and representation.

Virginia Kuhn: "Get a Third Life: The Virtual is the Real."
What's new and not so new: virtual worlds are not so new (Bill Cope).

1. Our brains are shaped by the way we use them [neuroplasticity].
2. Humans sseem to respond differently to visual texts than to alphabetic ones (mirror neurons).
3. The affordances of the digital have made imagistic texts ubiquitous such that we must address them in classrooms (filmic texts).

The media changes now allow us to treat filmic texts more like alphabetic texts (stop, analyze), but are there still significant differences between filmic texts and alphabetic texts. We learn from filmic texts (An inconvenient truth) but I wonder about the depth and quality of learning.

Mirror Neurons: connects this to Darfur and the inability of people to see group suffering (genocide) and respond to it. Kristoff wrote about "Save the Darfur Puppy." Highly relevant to my Virtual Peace Garden Project.

Get a third [ethical] life: engage with the hard sciences, careful pedagogy (esp. with video editing)--and something else.

Virginia also linked to a video keynotes she did with her colleague, who was supposed to join us.


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