Thursday, June 30, 2005

A 6:40 am reflection

Last time I tried to start the morning with ten minutes of writing, I was pretty foggy and didn't feel like my time was particularly well spent. The last few days, however, I have also been trying to read while I was pretty foggy, so rather than struggle through a story I need to read, I will see if I can get the blood and coffee pumping with an early morning reflection.

I suppose I can list the things I dreamt/thought about as I was sleeping / dozing. I have been thinking about how to get in touch with Chuck Klostermann, or at the very least figure out if I can find a video of him reading. I think it would be exceptionally useful for students to hear him reading--get a sense of voice connected to writing. I was thinking more generally about encouraging the TAs to encourage their students to read aloud, although I need to remember to do that as well.

I have been thinking about turning my CW presentation into a web text, probably for CC ONline, maybe Kairos, but I get hung up on concerns about copyright (I would really like to show pages from UC, although I guess I could just put a link to McCloud's site--problem solved!), and then I need to think about some of my own illustrations and how to get them onto the web. I suspect I just need to buckle down and do the work, re-create and re-fine the illustrations in another program. I might also ask my students to say something about their work, the Big T, and include them as authors: KB with BH, DK, etc. I should probably contact them pretty early in the process to see what they would be willing to do.

Finally, I have been thinking about the laws of media blog paper because I saw a note that I was supposed to get that paper out a year ago. I am starting to envision for myself two tetrads: the blog as hunting and digging, the blog as reflecting and generating. They have a tiny bit in common, but not really very much. This writing is very much about sorting out my personal / professional life, the blogging I did in Fall 2003 was very much about exploring, connecting, finding new information. This blogging isn't about the web at all, other than web as "pull," posting as prompting.


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