Monday, June 13, 2005

the little things

I am always writing about the little things. More or less finished an assessment report--just have to wait for some data to complete it 100%. Can't forget to write up a report on 110 exemptions, and probably should talk to BS about starting to collect and track data more thoroughly and consistently. We should also start tracking students longitudinally--how does "understanding leadership" in 120 show up as relevant later in their academic / personal careers. Oh yeah, we also need to firm up the data about the institution--students not being challenged--and students not reporting much writing instruction effect. On a totally random note, I keep thinking I should take a look at GJ's writing to see what effect the Christianson method had on her thesis.

Lists of things:
10 copies of the PPT screen--big T--in color.
hotel and flight info
burn PPT to disk (X2)
buy new bag at VM
buy chairs
cheep foods
other stuff on the edge of town
Rounders and Dog Town / Z-boys

okay, I had better stop and reflect. How does writing lists for 10 minutes a day help my writing? I do enjoy the process of just getting on the keyboard and hammering away. I am starting to convince myself of the drive to clarity--keeps me focused or at least keeps the conversation in my head moving, instead of turning over and over. Thinking about my writing projects, I think I really should try to get the CW presentation out as a web-text by the end of the month (explore copyright question), and similarly get SLA paper out to Explorations by the end of the month. July should be book and prep / WPA. Richard Ford is on the margins and should probably stay there. If I can squeeze him in an hour here, an hour there, I could then just send him out in this order: CE, MFS, Aethlon and see what happens.


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