Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've been using for a while, mainly because my bookmark folders were getting unmanageable, and I had a vague notion that sharing some bookmarks with students or colleagues might be a good idea at some point. Right now I am working with an outstanding graduate student in our department (are you reading this!) who is shadowing Visual Culture and Language. She is an experienced blogger, great with LMS, Facebook, etc., but she hadn't used We decided to do some "team-tagging" (or tag-teaming?), and see what we could both learn about the service and its potential.

Right away, I looked at in a whole new light. My VCL tag (for Visual Culture and Language) is helpful to me, but nobody else! I did not take a social or rhetorical approach to tagging. It looks like I could rename that tag, but for now, I think we will keep it, which, when looked at from a different light, could be particularly relevant to students (this semester or in the future). I have asked Melissa to use this tag, and we talked about what we should use as tag for hybrid classrooms. I think "blended learning" is the preferred term, and sure enough, when I did a search for blended learning, I got some good and relevant hits. When I did a search for hybrid, I got a lot of cars.

Both tags need additional tags, like "photography" and "film" to go with VCL, and "blogging" or "LMS" to go with "blended learning," but even as I was realizing that, my approach to tagging started to seem logical, rather than random. There might be something to this folksonomy stuff, besides a new buzz word.

Don't get lost in my cloud!


Miss Melissa said...

I did notice that there needs to be some organization within the tagging. I looked for some sites this AM and tagged a few. Are additional tags the way to go? Should I be tagging "VCL" and then "Comics" ????? I could see where it could easily get overwhelming if you weren't thinking about how you wanted to tag sites. I'm still playing around with it... maybe it will make more sense once I get moving.

Ha! I am outstanding. BTW... now you my blog site. Don't think I ever complained about you on it... tee hee.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Will you please e-mail me at and tell me a bit about even if it you over 10 minutes? A Google search did not help me.


Scott said...

Hey there - my name is Scott and I'm new (read: intimidated) to the world of blogging and creating RSS feeds. I'm in communications and realize I need to get a handle on this. I saw a job description that said I would need to be familiar with and I lied (of course) saying I was. So, in doing a search to learn more about it, I came across your blog.

What I'd like to know is: A. Where would you send someone to learn more about creating their own blog and B. what user-friendly tutorials are out there for someone learning about RSS, meta-tagging, etc.-- so I can be reasonably competent (as well as do a better job of creating RSS feeds for the things I want).

Thanks! - Scott (

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