Friday, May 23, 2008

Session C: Copyright, copyright, copyright

Quinn Warnick provided a close, clever, textual analysis of the copyright code, specifically the fair use section;it is tiny and a mess! He quickly looked at the ineffectiveness of the copyright office, and encouraged universities to be proactive in understanding and supporting educator's rights.

Virginia Commonwealth presenters analyzed Condi Rice Raps from the perspective of copyright law. They acknowledge the ways in which parody presents significant challenges to copyright guidelines and laws, but argue that an open source model is needed to maintain the possibility of citation and integration in parody and scholarship.

Annetee Vee uses an FAQ to consider how computer programming (and open source) is a sponsor of literacy. Uses Wittgenstein's family resemblance to suggest resemblance of literacy and computer programming. "Proceduracy" is the linking term, traces of literacy, not simply functional. Proceduracy is dynamic, a common act in literacy and computer programming. Open source a particularly powerful sponsor of literacy--potentially.

Not sure how good my notes are this afternoon; mind bogging down.


advee said...


Thanks for coming to my C&W session! I'd be interested in any feedback you had on the ideas I presented there. You mention that your mind might have been bogged down on that Friday afternoon, but your short summary looks pretty good!

Kevin Brooks said...

Thanks for the note, Annette. I am working with a graduate student at NDSU who has been trying to convince me that Wittgenstein's family resemblance is under-utilized in genre theory, and your talk convinced me that he (and you) are correct! My additional suggestion, then, is to keep working with W. and family resemblance. The concept might be particularly relevant for digital projects that aren't very precise or careful remediations of print genres; all they have in common are family resemblances.

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