Monday, November 17, 2008

Floating some ideas

Many project thoughts of late; wondering which ones I should pursue. Wondering if anybody wants to help.

1. A "global development / connections" initiative for the 7CS. Been thinking a lot about how to develop better connections with universities around the world, but why limit such projects to a pair of schools; let's get a lot of fish swimming!

2. Wondering about "Teachers without Borders." Heard about the tremendous need for teachers in Rwanda and Ethiopia, familiar with the tremendous need for teachers in Sudan. Start a local chapter? Join the global movement?

3. My idea for a Virtual Peace Garden in Second Life is still very much in the incubator; need to get some significant technical help with this baby. Maybe the Computers and Writing theme for 2010 will drive some traffic my way.

4. McLuhan's 100th Birthday is coming up: 2011. Occurred to me today that I ought to propose some sort of digital book happening for the Computers and Writing community. Need to look up the digital press. Anybody want to contribute to this unformed idea?

Must now turn computer over to son. Discuss amongst yourselves.


Karl K said...

on digital connections for Universities: Seems this is forming partially via Facebook groups. But what about a new social network site. One that adapts well with course management system designs (as cms and sns systems are so similar anyway).

The design could begin with a classic University design (colleges, departments, etc...) so each individual could earn acceptance on the site through the classic design.

But also each individual could 'tag' other departments where their research and questions may attach.

Maybe have conversation circle's (maybe titled Across the Curriculum Circles?) built in too. So if someone's focus is English New Media, but the concept they want to converse about will interest New Media Graphic Arts or Music programs, the conversation circle will allow them to meet on equal ground.

Just a thought. Design could also allow folks to display their schools strengths and program focuses. Developmental costs raised through University advertisements?

Also have a section for graduate students to ask questions and state ideas. In total though, the system would have to be kept directed towards education over social networking.

Kevin Brooks said...

I am interested in the Colombia College "Sharing Cultures" exchange with a university in South Africa. They initially had some problems making the connection among classes, via Blackboard I think, but Facebook could indeed make the actual connections and exchanges easier.

Thanks Karl.

Karl K said...

Well, I was thinking more of a facebook design with a different layout.

Imagine a tiered design that acts like a meeting room with connecting offices.

An idea is thrown out (similar to what you've just offered), anyone can join in asynchronously and build off of the conversation in the open-to-the-public meeting room.

Now, some folks might want to have a one-on-one synchronous or asynchronous convo. in an adjoining office. Cool! The office meeting is private, but attached to the meeting room.

Those visiting can see a sidebar noting that a private meeting is/has occured. They can see who is continuing the conversation and such (also, a no-eyes setting could be built in).

But also have a setting within the private meetings where if everyone involved agrees, the entire private conversation or highlighted ideas from that meeting can then be made available for public eyes.

This stays as a sidebar for the main conversation, but could easily be mentioned within the main conversation by a footnote type link pointing to the "private office" discussion.

I don't know. I just see this type of format could act kinda like a conference setting; and I meant to expand this out earlier so the concept would fit into a facebook type setting but would have a more educational coversation design.

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